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The NGO/NP Organization «SHARP MINDS» has started being active in the field of European Programmes, since 2004, as a Non Formal Youth Group. The modern problems of our society, the moral crisis, the will for social offer were some of the reasons that made SHARP MINDS ready and active inside the frame of the European Programmes. Since then, this company of youngsters has managed to implement a great number of Youth Exchanges and Training Courses in Athens and other places in Greece. At the same time, SHARP MINDS have given the opportunity in many youngsters to travel free around Europe and «taste» the Erasmus+ programmes, new experiences, discoveries, friendships and strong emotions.

SHARP MINDS, since 2018, have changed their legal form into Non Govermental-Non Profit Organization in their effort to get into more and different projects of the general European frame of Erasmus+.


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In this way we will have the opportunity to work also in other «Key Actions» of the Erasmus+ programme, something that we didn’t have the ability to do by keeping our previous leagal entity as Informal Youth Group. Right now, SHARP MINDS with new structure and new legal form, will have the possibility to promote Erasmus+ programme even stronger, by creating new and wider cooperations but always under the same ideals of this original company of youngsters which has embraced with pure love and passion their dream for a better and more democratic Europe for all.

We, SHARP MINDS, call all those who share the same passion with us and they are interested in the promotion of the Erasmus+ programmes, to come with us and be active members of our Organization by helping us to make true our vision; a Europe full of active citizens who care for a society of ideals and human values.