New Training Course for Sharp Minds

New Training Course for Sharp Minds

Canakkale Turkey… The castle in shape of sink. Canakkale took its name by the shape that is formated by two pieces of land. Together with Gallipolis it’s famous since the era of the A’ World War where many bloody battles took place. In Greek language is know as Dardanelles!

It’s a great and very graphic place at the seashore of Minor Asia with a scenery similar to Greece. Locals are very friendly and hospitable. Nearby you can find the ruins of ancient Troy and the nice place of Assos. The traveller will find out that the ancient Greek civilization has left its mark in the passage of time. Most of the arcaeological fragments and architecture imply ancient Greek culture.

Living in Canakkale

You will be amazed by the innumerous traditional shops, the beautiful tile-made roads of the city, the excellent restaurants and doner places. The fabulous and very old caffe «Yali Han» which is the notorious meeting point of the city. Noisy bars and the night life, the voices in the bazaar of the city. You will not be able to resist to the delicious traditional deserts like «baklava», «kounefe» and «peynir helvasi» with ice cream «kaymak» on top! Try to visit Babalik place for fresh and delicious peynir helvasi, few meters away from the famous town watch which stands in front of the small harbor «Iskele».

SHARP MINDS invite you for new adventures, by participating to the Training Course which is going to take place in Canakkale during 7-15 December 2018. The topic is the smooth intergration of the refugees in Europe. We know that they will be many candidates for this Training Course but unfortunatelly it’s only for 4 participants. We inform you that the Training Course covers 100% accommodation, food and the tickets up to 180 euro according to the Erasmus+ Distance Calculator.

Get further information by sending your emails to!! We are waiting for you..



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