Youngsters and Bulling


Bullying phenomenon has already got epic dimention by haunting many youngsters around the world. Unfortunatelly, for many people, bullying is an unpleasant routine with ugly side effects for their psychism and of course for their corporal health.

Bullying is a modern phenomenon with many different forms such as cyber bullying, bullying at school, bullying at work, even bullying inside the narrow frame of the family environment. Its main characteristic is that it’s not easily traceable by external observers who are not eye-witnesses, since the victims of bullying don’t find easily the strength to talk and to share their problem with the others. The fear for further rejection or being bullied more, keeps the victims silent and unable to react.

Consequences of Bullying

Cullying victims are usually kids who suffer for long time and very often the results are painful. Depression, intensive anxiety, psychosomatic effects, sense of loneliness, isolation, lack of appetite for life and suicidal attempts, are some of the bullying consequences. Unfortunatelly, many victims choose to end their lives or to turn to extreme violence in their effort to end their torture.

I can still hear the words of my good friend and Psychologist of the “Smile of the Child”, Stefanos Alevizos while he was talking during the Info Day of the awarded Erasmus+ Training Course of SHARP MINDS in 2016, “Lost Myself on Internet“. He was talking to almost 300 students, teachers and parents of the 2nd High School of Agioi Anargyroi saying: Talk, don’t keep it inside you.. Talk because nobody has the right to touch you, nobody has the right to make you feel bad, nobody has the right to talk or treat you badly…. 

This is the basic message that we must pass to our children! The message is that everyone has the right to live and be as they like to be! They can think and express themselves freely without any censorship. They have the right to be themselves without feeling embarassment for what they are. Nobody has the right to judge someone by the look, race, colour, nationality, sex orientation. Whoever thinks the opposite has the obligation to “pass” to the side of logic and tolerance for the fellowman…



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